AHC/CHC Contract

Posted on October 15, 2008 10:26 pm

The ratification of the Ahc/Chc Contract has been completed with a vote of 25-5 in favor. This ends the matter for now and our increases will apply. For IBEW members this means an 11% increase for the first year and 3 for the next year and 2% in last, not quite parity with our base contract but closer. Our new rate for J/wire will be $30.22 up from $27.23 Along with this is the option for LOA ($95 a day going to $100 on july 1st 2009) if you don't want Employer supplied lodging. Although we do still have a ways to go this secures Revy 5 Mica 5 and 6 , Revy 6 and hopefully Site "c" as Building Trades Jobs as they should be. Brother Ray Keen has stepped down as our rep. on the council, our thanks to Ray. I have been appointed in his place, I hope I can do as well.

glen hilton