If pressed to provide an answer as to which region of the country I think is the most interesting at this time, my response might surprise some people.

The Atlantic Region and Alberta have mega energy projects underway or planned. That’s exciting, but it’s also to some degree “old hat.” Most of the work has been known for a while.

Ontario and Quebec are grappling with a new world order in which their traditional manufacturing sectors are struggling, given that many goods can be produced cheaper in emerging nations.

Manitoba’s economy features a bit of everything. That makes it less newsworthy, though I suspect many in the region are content to enjoy their prosperity while flying under the radar.

Short of the northern territories, Saskatchewan is Canada’s new frontier. If you’re looking for raw materials to fuel your growth, then check out Saskatchewan.

That leaves British Columbia, this nation’s gateway to markets in Asia. B.C. is the province where the future is most clearly being re-defined.

Decisions made there are going to affect the well-being of the whole country for decades to come.

via B.C. in the spotlight as Canada’s place in the world shifts course – Daily Commercial News.