A plan by the B.C. government to build 570 car-charging stations across the province could unleash electric vehicles from the short tether on which they are currently operating.

On April 3, B.C. Environment minister Terry Lake announced $2.74 million from the Community Charging Infrastructure Fund for the charging stations, plus three Level 3 DC Fast Charging Stations deployed in the coming months. A further 27 level 3 DC fast charging stations are planned throughout the province in the future.

These fast chargers will allow electric vehicle owners to recharge in approximately 15 to 20 minutes, and will extend the mobility options for these drivers. These new investments come on the heels of a $261,000-partnership contribution earlier this year by the Province to the City of Vancouver to help ‘install over 67 electric vehicle charging stations throughout the city.

The new infrastructure will allow electric vehicles to roam many of the province’s major highways.  Without charging infrastructure, vehicle owners were limited in the distances they could travel. The limitations, however, have not dampened electric vehicle sales. According to the Ministry of Environment, a new clean energy vehicle (CEV) is sold in B.C. every 30 hours.

via BC plan for electric car charging stations may `unleash` vehicles around province on Environmental Expert.