COVID-19 in Construction Compensation Claims Resource Guide

Posted on November 25, 2020 2:51 pm

To assist our affiliated unions through the COVID-19 crisis, the BC Building Trades Council has provided a host of resources. The purpose of this document is to ensure business managers and business agents have the information they need to inform their members about the Workers’ Compensation Board’s (“WorkSafeBC”) claims management during the COVID-19 crisis.

This information does not replace the information available on the WorkSafeBC website. Rather, it gathers the most critical information currently available and places it at your fingertips. Given the speed at which changes are being announced, affiliates are strongly encouraged to review the WorkSafeBC’s website on a regular basis ( and seek out the information on COVID-19 protocols.

This information is provided as a Word document in order to facilitate copying and pasting. As well, hyperlinks are provided throughout this document to direct readers to more detailed information. To enable members to drill down into the hyperlink data, business managers should consider making this document available on their union website.

This is the second version of this document. Changes are set out in red. Updates will be provided as WorkSafeBC’s response to the COVID-19 crisis change.

The Workers’ Advocate continues to manage claims during this crisis and is available to assist business managers, business agents, and members.

20-04-17 COVID-19 Compensation Resources Guide (Version 2)