Current Dispatch Requests

In order to recieve a phone call for a specific dispatch request you will need to register for that reqeuest. You can do so on the dispatch request’s page or by using the job line at 778-470-8478.

The IBEW LU 993 dispatch procedures are to be followed for all dispatch requests. Please familiarize yourself with the IBEW 993 Dispatch Procedure/Rules.

Request: DIC-26227
Contractor: IBEW Local 993
Location: Testing
LOA/Camp/LH: Camp, LOA, LOA or Acc+, Local Hire, Transportation, Travel
Hire Region: Master (Locals Called First) (Locals Only)
Start Date: July 6, 2020
Manpower Requested: View Details

You can view past requests in the Dispatch Request Archive

Page Updated June 24, 2020