Day of Mourning 2017 Locations

Posted on April 11, 2017 12:13 pm

We pause every April 28th to remember workers killed and those who still suffer from a work-related injury or illness, their lives and livelihoods forever compromised.
But we can never pause our prevention efforts.
Every day of the year

  • Educate others about health and safety rights, responsibilities and prevention measures.
  • Insist on effective workplace prevention programs developed with full worker participation.
  • Insist on training that supports the identification, assessment and control of workplace hazards.
  • Encourage local media to report on health, safety and environmental issues.
  • Press elected officials to support stronger regulations and better enforcement of existing laws.
  • Create monuments to promote public awareness of workplace health and safety.

Make time for prevention

  • Demand high quality training that promotes a hazard-based approach.
  • Become a workplace health & safety representative.
  • Identify and report workplace hazards.

Take time to remember:

  • Attend a Day of Mourning ceremony in your community. Encourage others to attend an event. (EVENTS)
  • Draft a message for your organization's publication or website.
  • Coordinate a Day of Mourning event in your workplace.  (SUGGESTIONS)
  • Work with local media to promote and cover the Day's significance and events.
  • Convince employers and public institutions to, among other things, lower flags to half-mast.
  • Share stories of workers injured and killed on the job - ensure they are not forgotten.
  • Read about the history of the Day of Mourning.  (HISTORY)
  • Download the BCFED OH&S Centre DOM Poster.  (POSTER)
  • Learn about the Day of Mourning in Schools Project.  (SCHOOLS PROJECT)


All ceremonies will take place on Friday April 28th

Prince George
12:00 pm
Worker’s memorial Statue
Patricia Boulevard and Queensway St.

10:45 am
Worker’s Memorial
Terrace Sportsplex
3320 Kalum St.

6:00 pm
St. Andrews on the Square
(corner of 2nd and Seymour)