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Call Details

Request: DIC-18486
Start Date: June 14, 2018
Contractor: Houle Electric (Kitimat)
Location: Shop (Kitimat)
LOA/Camp: Local Hire
Agreement: Inside Wireman's Agreement
Shift: 21/7 and varies
Hours: 40hrs/Week
Duration: 2-4 Weeks+

Additional Information:

Very dirty work, excessive walking, heights, rainy, work in conveyor gallery 30% grade.

Pulling big cable up steep incline. Operating equipment, working on knees on crane platforms, lots of stairs and crane ladders to access work areas.

Must be physically fit, hiking up mountain required. Must be willing to travel to Kemano for shut down and cable pull. Schedule to be confirmed.

High voltage experience and/or fiber experience required

Shut down work very stressful. We have 2 critical shut downs at Rio Tinto Kitimat and 1 at Kemano.

D&A testing and physical will be done on the 14th or 15th.

Some jobs will be Enabled

  • $36.10/hr
  • $3.10 RRSP


Additional Job Details

Some jobs will be Enabled

  • $36.10/hr
  • $3.10 RRSP

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