Frontline Leadership and Piping

Posted on May 4, 2018 8:27 am

Good Day Brothers and Sisters;

As we move forward we are seeing more work coming on the horizon, especially when it comes to big jobs which are controlled by our provincial government. Upcoming Site C projects are a prime example of this. Due to our desire to ensure that any of these upcoming jobs are run by our own members within Local 993 we will be pushing the Frontline Leadership courses once again. Today I would like to ask you what would it take to make it easier for you to take the Frontline Leadership course? Please let me know by email, text, or phone call what you need to make it work for you. Questions I am considering include: are weekends or weekdays better? Do courses during the day work or would you like to see more evening courses? Would you be able to take these courses online and would that make things easier? Any input would be much appreciated and helps us to tailor the education to our members’ needs. If you wish to add any other comments on training as well please let me know.

I would also like to mention to those members that have taken Frontline Leadership 1 up in Unit #3 that we are trying to work out a way to deliver the Frontline Leadership 2 up in Terrace. Please let me know what your schedules are like so that we can plan this course efficiently. Without at least 8 members interested it becomes prohibitively expensive to hold the course so I would like to avoid having to cancel courses and get it planned efficiently.

As a final note I would like to mention that we have the piping trailer moving through our province in June with a June 23rd date set for Prince George. The pipe bending course is invaluable to have and ensures that we have a wide range of pipe bending knowledge throughout our local. If you are interested in taking this course in Prince George or Kamloops please register today, on the WJETS website, and if you are in the Terrace area and wish to take it please let me know as well so I can get our Training Department to schedule it.

Fraternally; Lorne Fisher
Assistant Business Manager IBEW local 993