FSR Course

Posted on April 2, 2015 3:54 pm

We have sponsored An FSR Code course at TRU for our members and there are still several seats available. Because we would like to put more members in seats, we can even allow for the first one or two course dates to be missed. If the first 2 classes are missed they can accommodate to bring a member up to date to successfully complete the course.
If you wish to attend you must contact the hall and fill out a letter of course commitment. This is a very expensive course and this for will have to be filled out prior to you taking the course. The course will begin on Tuesday April 7, 2015 so you can contact the hall on Monday to get the form. Below is the course schedule and contacts.
April 7 and 8
April 13 and 15
April 20 and 22
April 27 and 29
May 4 and 6
May 11 and 13
May 19 and 20
May 25 and 27

For a total of 48 hrs., Monday and Wednesday evening 6 – 9 pm.