IBEW 993 Women’s Committee Members in Unit II Meet to Organize Comfort Cases, Shoe Memorial, and Children’s Christmas Party in Unit II

Posted on September 9, 2019 3:55 pm

IBEW 993 Women's Committee members Chandra Basil, Alison Klie, Tammy Schneider, Melina Todd, Rachel Ferguson, Cassandra Adolph, Angeline Camille, Mollie Routledge from Unit II Meet to discuss and organize for the 2019 Shoe Memorial in Kamloops Children's Christmas Party and the Comfort Case for Sexual Assualt Victims. If anyone would like to assist with these events please contact the Women's Committees Co-Chairs Mollie Routledge and Angeline Camille. If there are events in other areas that you would like to support or organize please let us know if we can assist.

Children's Christmas Party in Kamloops

Dates to be announced as Santa has a very busy schedule. If you have young children and would like to attend the Christmas Party for information contact Mollie Routledge 1-778-470-5514 mollie@ibew993.org or Angeline Camille 1-778-538-3828 angie@ibew993.org

Shoe Memorial

The annual Shoe Memorial commemorates the lives of all women victims of violence as well as missing and murdered Indigenous women. Each year, volunteers create a public memorial featuring hundreds of pairs of donated shoes – each bearing the name of a murdered or missing woman – as well as photographs, literature, informative guest speakers, and a candle-lighting ceremony. The Women's Committee is working with the Kamloops and District Labour Council to gather donations of Women's and children's gently worn shoes to assist in building the memorial for the Annual Shoe Memorial. Following the event, the shoes will be donated to the women’s shelter and other non-profit groups that provide services to women.

Comfort Cases:

The Women's Committee is reaching out for donations for the Comfort Cases
50 Comfort Packs to be distributed to the Sexual Assault units in 6 northern communities near major projects located in the jurisdiction of IBEW 993 Northern BC and the Yukon. IBEW 993 will have 3 major projects on the go in under a year. Spin off jobs and transient populations usually follow big projects along with an increase in crimes rates. The number of sexual assaults has been known to increase in these circumstances. The communities we will be compiling these Comfort Cases for are Kitimat, Terrace, Prince Rupert, Smithers, Ft St John and Kamloops.
The Comfort Pack is comprised of a new set of clothing for survivors whose clothes may be torn, dirty, or taken away for evidence – and on an emotional level, survivors generally don’t want to remain in the clothes they were wearing at the time of their assault. Other items to be added to Comfort Packs will be personal hygiene items.

If you are able to contribute either financially or by providing any number of the items please contact Mollie Routledge 1-778-470-5514 mollie@ibew993.org or Angeline Camille 1-778-538-3828 angie@ibew993.org
Pillow Case
Makeup Case
Bar soap
Feminine Protection
Tooth Paste
Tooth Brush
Hair Brush
Hair Elastics
Jogging Pants
Daag or Canvas shoes
Bra (Sports)