International Women’s Day 2022

Posted on March 8, 2022 8:58 am

This International Women’s Day, Canada’s unions are highlighting the critical importance of care work and calling for greater support for care workers and investments in Canada’s care systems.

While International Women’s Day takes place on Tuesday, March 8, we encourage you to share these materials anytime during the week of March 6-13. Below you will find a comprehensive package of social media assets, including images and sample messaging. We encourage you to share these with your contacts and through your social media channels.

Take a few moments today to browse the International Women's Day 2022 page on the Kamloops & District Labour Council's website. There's some great information, colouring, a quiz, and you can enter to win fabulous prizes.

This year's IWD theme is #Breaking the Bias
Here's some food for thought from the BC Fed OH&S when we think about breaking gender  barriers in our work places.
  • Develop policies to address barriers
  • Explore the effects of gender roles on safety and health
  • Include gender in risk assessment
  • Analyze risks in both male and female dominated occupations
  • Ensure that OSH research (including government research) take account of gender differences
  • Develop systems to collects sex-disaggregated OSH data
  • Incorporate the findings from OSH research and data into policy making and workplace action
  • Equal access to occupational health services for all
  • Provide gender sensitive information, education, training for all
  • Design workplaces, work equipment, tools, PPE for women & men
  • Consider working time arrangements and work-life balance
  • Fully involve women and men workers