G.M. Schrum Generating Station at W.A.C. Bennett Dam

G.M. Schrum Generating Station at W.A.C. Bennett Dam

Contractor(s): F&M Installations
Agreement: Inside Electrical Workers Collective Agreement

The W. A. C. Bennett Dam is a large hydroelectric dam on the Peace River in northern British Columbia, Canada. At 183 metres (600 ft) high, it is one of the world’s highest earth fill dams. Construction of the dam began in 1961 and culminated in 1968. At the dam, the Finlay, the Parsnip and the Peace Rivers feed into Williston Lake, also referred to as Williston Reservoir. It is the third largest artificial lake in North America (after the Smallwood Reservoir and Manicouagan) as well as the largest body of fresh water in British Columbia. Williston Lake runs 250 kilometres north-south and 150 kilometres east-west.


F&M Installations, Western Pacific Enterprises

14 Days on and 7 days off, 10 hours per day.

Refer to the Inside Wireman’s Agreement, Article III 304 (f)



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