Site C Dam

Site C Dam

Contractor(s): F&M Installations, Houle (other), Voith Hydro
Agreement: Project Agreement

The Site C Dam is an early-stage project of BC Hydro for a large-scale earth fill hydroelectric dam on the Peace River near Fort St. John in northeastern British Columbia, Canada. The site is downstream from the existing W.A.C. Bennett and Peace Canyon dams. Designs call for an estimated peak capacity of approximately 1,100 MW, average output of 900 MW, and an annual output of 5,100 GWh of electricity. When completed, Site C will be the first large dam built in BC since 1984 and BC’s fourth largest producer of electricity.


14 Days on and 7 Days off, 10 hours per day.

  • Every day same either 6 hours straight time, 4 hours 1.5 times or 1.2 time hours worked. 2 times after 10 hours daily.
  • All benefits paid at straight time.

Turbines and Generators


  • See the “FINAL SPNA for Site C Turbines and Generators” agreement in the Job Related Downloads listed below.

Balance of Plant

F&M Installations

14 Days on and 7 Days off, 10 Hours per day

  • See “Site C Clean Energy Project – Generating Station and Spillway Balance of Plant” agreement in the Job Related Downloads listed below.


Pre-Access Information

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Testing Method: Oral Swab

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