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We have a section on the website for frequently asked questions, along with the answers listed here. Please view the FAQ section of the website to see if you question has already been answered.

Jobsite Information

If you have any questions or problems with a specific jobsite, you should always contact, first the shop steward that’s assigned to the contractor that you’re working for, then the IBEW 993 Business Rep that’s assigned to that jobsite.

You can view a list of Shop Stewards on the Shop Steward Page.

You can view a list of jobsites on the Jobsite Information Page which includes the assigned job stewards and IBEW 993 Business Reps. The Jobsite Information page is also linked from the website’s Members only menu.

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Dispatch Questions

    Any question that has to do with the out of work list or Dispatch should be directed to the Dispatcher. There's also a Dispatch section on the IBEW 993 FAQ page which might answer your question. Please have a look at the Dispatch FAQ by clicking the button below.
    Dispatch FAQ

    Darryl Schmidt, RSE

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