Post Secondary Job Fair in Prince George

Posted on November 9, 2023 10:55 am

IBEW 993 organizers Brian Andrews and James Olson attended the Post Secondary Job Fair at the Prince George Dome on November 2nd.

Attracting individuals straight out of high school to the electrical trade is of paramount importance for the IBEW. First and foremost, it helps address the critical issue of an aging workforce. As experienced electricians approach retirement, there is a pressing need to replenish the workforce with young, skilled professionals. By recruiting high school graduates, unions can ensure a steady influx of new talent to meet the industry's growing demands, especially with the increasing complexity of modern electrical systems and the expanding use of renewable energy technologies.

Attracting high school graduates to the electrical trade secures the industry's future by cultivating a skilled, diverse, and forward-thinking workforce, essential for meeting the ever-evolving electrical needs of society.