Smart meter miscue sends man $962.79 hydro bill

Posted on April 10, 2012 9:02 am

Smart meters aren’t, sometimes. For the first time, B.C. Hydro, under fire over the controversial wireless meters, has confirmed a faulty gadget although the utility calls the situation an anomaly.

But the NDP energy critic is skeptical. “I find it difficult to believe. It’s the first one they have admitted to is the way I would describe it,” said MLA John Horgan. “I have difficulty believing [B.C. Hydro].”

Hydro is admitting to a case that saw a Kamloops man receive a $962.79 bill when he should have been billed $181.12. Ironically, a meter reader figured out the smart meter was faulty during a routine patrol.

via Smart meter miscue sends man $962.79 hydro bill - The Globe and Mail.