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You can use your smartphone to take photos of your training cards and certificates to submit to the IBEW 993 office.

  • If your card/certificate is double sided, then take a photo of each
  • Avoid using a flash. A flash can make your card/certificate unreadable
  • Take your photo(s) in a well lit location and avoid glare and reflections. Much like a flash, glare and reflections from overhead lights can make your card/certificate unreadable.
  • Hold your phone parallel to the document. If your document is placed flat on a table, then your phone should be held parallel to the table.
  • While making your document take up as much of the photo as possible, also make sure that you capture the entire document. Don’t leave out the edges
  • Only capture ONE document at a time
  • Remove any clutter from the background
  • Don’t hold your document and include yourself in the photo
  • Do not edit the photo in any way
  • Hold your phone so the image is the same orientation as the document. If your document is wider than it is tall, then hold your phone that way.