IBEW 993 Testimonial Submission

Please take a few short moments to help us create a bigger stronger IBEW 993.

We need as many testimonials as possible to help with our organizing efforts to let unorganized electrical workers know how great the IBEW is and how being a member of IBEW 993 has helped your careers, your lives, and your families.

Please completely fill out the form form below and include a headshot photo that we can display alongside your testimonial. Please note that the headshot (photo of yourself) is required, because that gives your testimonial more weight.

Creating testimonials out of thin air can be hard, so I’ve included 50 examples that you can take a look at for inspiration. Please just use for ideas and don’t just copy and paste 🙂

Example Testimonials

Please don’t copy and paste, but feel free to use these for inspiration

Testimonial 1:
“I’m proud to be a member of IBEW 993. They have been a guiding force throughout my career, providing support, training, and advocating for our rights. Together, we have achieved better working conditions and secured fair wages. This union truly represents our interests, and I couldn’t imagine my career without their unwavering support.”

Testimonial 2:
“As a member of IBEW 993, I feel like I’m part of a big family. The camaraderie and solidarity among fellow members are incredible. The union has played a significant role in advancing my skills and knowledge through various training programs. I’m grateful to be part of an organization that cares about its members’ well-being and professional growth.”

Testimonial 3:
“I have been a part of IBEW 993 for over a decade, and I can honestly say it has been the best decision of my career. The union has not only protected our rights as workers but also provided us with excellent healthcare benefits and retirement plans. I feel secure and supported knowing that the union has my back in every situation.”

Testimonial 4:
“Being a member of IBEW 993 has given me access to job opportunities that I wouldn’t have found elsewhere. The union’s job placement services have been instrumental in landing some of my best contracts. They truly look out for their members and ensure we have a steady flow of work.”

Testimonial 5:
“The sense of community within IBEW 993 is heartwarming. From apprentices to seasoned J/Wires, everyone is treated with respect and given equal opportunities. The union’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is commendable, and I’m proud to be part of such a progressive organization.”

Testimonial 6:
“I can’t imagine my career without IBEW 993. They have negotiated fair wages and benefits that have significantly improved my quality of life. The union’s continuous efforts to advocate for better working conditions are truly inspiring.”

Testimonial 7:
“IBEW 993 is more than just an organization; it’s a family that supports and uplifts its members. They have fought for our rights and safety on the job, ensuring that we can work without fear and worry. I’m grateful for the sense of security the union provides.”

Testimonial 8:
“The training and education opportunities offered by IBEW 993 have been invaluable to my professional growth. Thanks to the union’s support, I have become a more skilled and confident electrician, which has opened doors to exciting career opportunities.”

Testimonial 9:
“As a member of IBEW 993, I’ve had the privilege to give back to the community through various charitable initiatives organized by the union. It’s heartwarming to be part of an organization that believes in social responsibility and making a positive impact beyond our work.”

Testimonial 10:
“I’ve been a member of IBEW 993 for many years, and they have consistently worked to improve our wages, benefits, and working conditions. I feel proud to be associated with an organization that truly cares about its members’ well-being.”

Testimonial 11:
“The support and guidance I’ve received from IBEW 993 throughout my apprenticeship have been instrumental in shaping my career. They have been there for me every step of the way, and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Testimonial 12:
“IBEW 993 is a powerhouse when it comes to advocating for workers’ rights. They have a strong voice in the industry, and their efforts have had a positive impact on the lives of countless electricians, including myself.”

Testimonial 13:
“I owe much of my success as an electrician to IBEW 993. Their commitment to ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, and ongoing professional development have helped me excel in my career.”

Testimonial 14:
“The resources and benefits provided by IBEW 993 are unmatched. From health insurance to retirement plans, they have thoughtfully considered the needs of their members and made a real difference in our lives.”

Testimonial 15:
“I am continuously impressed by the dedication and hard work of IBEW 993 in supporting its members. They go above and beyond to ensure we have the necessary tools and support to thrive in our careers.”

Testimonial 16:
“IBEW 993 has been my rock during challenging times in the industry. Their training support and representation have been crucial in protecting our rights and interests as electricians.”

Testimonial 17:
“I have seen firsthand the positive impact of IBEW 993 on the lives of its members. They have not only improved our working conditions but also fostered a sense of unity and solidarity among electricians.”

Testimonial 18:
“I can’t thank IBEW 993 enough for the countless opportunities they’ve provided me. Through their network and connections, I’ve had the chance to work on exciting projects and grow my skills.”

Testimonial 19:
“The training programs offered by IBEW 993 are top-notch. They have helped me stay updated with the latest technologies and techniques, ensuring I’m always at the forefront of the industry.”

Testimonial 20:
“IBEW 993 has been like a safety net for me throughout my career. Knowing that they are there to support and protect us gives me peace of mind while working in this challenging field.”

Testimonial 21:
“I joined IBEW 993 early in my career, and it’s been a game-changer ever since. The union’s guidance and mentorship have been crucial in shaping me into the skilled electrician I am today.”

Testimonial 22:
“I’m grateful for the sense of belonging I feel as a member of IBEW 993. The connections and friendships I’ve made through the union have enriched my life both professionally and personally.”

Testimonial 23:
“IBEW 993 operates with utmost transparency and integrity. I’m confident that my membership fees are being utilized to benefit our community and make a positive impact in the industry.”

Testimonial 24:
“Thanks to IBEW 993, I’ve had the opportunity to attend workshops and seminars that have expanded my knowledge and expertise. Their commitment to continuous learning is commendable.”

Testimonial 25:
“IBEW 993 is not just about business; they genuinely care about the well-being of their members. Their support during tough times has been a true testament to their commitment.”

Testimonial 26:
“I wholeheartedly recommend IBEW 993 to every electrician out there. Their dedication to representing and uplifting workers is unparalleled.”

Testimonial 27:
“As a member of IBEW 993, I feel empowered and valued. They respect our opinions and actively involve us in decision-making processes.”

Testimonial 28:
“The benefits offered by IBEW 993 are unmatched. From health and dental plans to retirement savings, they take care of their members’ long-term needs.”

Testimonial 29:
“I can always count on IBEW 993 to have my back. Whether it’s a workplace dispute or a safety concern, they are quick to respond and provide support.”

Testimonial 30:
“Joining IBEW 993 was the best career move I ever made. Their advocacy and representation have transformed the working conditions for electricians like me.”

Testimonial 31:
“IBEW 993 fosters a culture of continuous improvement. They encourage us to grow professionally and personally, ensuring we remain at the top of our game.”

Testimonial 32:
“The community provided by IBEW 993 is invaluable. I’ve made connections that have led to life long friends and colleagues.”

Testimonial 33:
“Being part of IBEW 993 has given me a sense of purpose and pride in my profession. I am part of a collective force working towards a better future for all electricians.”

Testimonial 34:
“The advocacy efforts of IBEW 993 have resulted in safer working conditions for all of us. I feel more secure knowing they are fighting for our rights.”

Testimonial 35:
“I’ve been a member of IBEW 993 for over two decades, and I can honestly say they’ve never disappointed me. Their dedication to their members is unwavering.”

Testimonial 36:
“IBEW 993 understands the challenges we face as electricians, and they actively work to address them. It’s reassuring to know we have their support.”

Testimonial 37:
“I can’t imagine navigating my career without IBEW 993. Their guidance and resources have been instrumental in my professional growth.”

Testimonial 38:
“I am forever grateful to IBEW 993 for the sense of belonging they provide. They have created a tight-knit community that supports one another.”

Testimonial 39:
“IBEW 993 is a true advocate for equality and diversity in the workplace. I’m proud to be part of an organization that values every member’s unique contributions.”

Testimonial 40:
“The educational opportunities offered by IBEW 993 have been transformative for my career. I feel more confident and skilled in my work.”

Testimonial 41:
“IBEW 993’s commitment to work-life balance is commendable. They understand the importance of family and personal well-being in our lives.”

Testimonial 42:
“I’m amazed by the level of care and support provided by IBEW 993. They prioritize our safety and well-being above everything else.”

Testimonial 43:
“IBEW 993 has been a crucial support system for me throughout my career. I’ve grown both professionally and personally thanks to their guidance.”

Testimonial 44:
“Joining IBEW 993 was the best decision I made when I started my career. They have helped me navigate the industry and make wise choices.”

Testimonial 45:
“Thanks to IBEW 993, I have access to ongoing education and training, which has made me a more skilled and sought-after electrician.”

Testimonial 46:
“IBEW 993 is always on the cutting edge of industry trends and innovations. They keep us informed and prepared for the future.”

Testimonial 47:
“The mentorship programs provided by IBEW 993 have been invaluable in my growth as a professional. I’m grateful for the guidance I’ve received.”

Testimonial 48:
“IBEW 993 is more than just a professional organization; it’s a community of like-minded individuals working towards a common goal.”

Testimonial 49:
“I’m proud to be a member of IBEW 993, where our voices are heard, and our concerns are taken seriously.”

Testimonial 50:
“Thanks to IBEW 993, I feel more confident in my abilities as an electrician. They have empowered me to succeed in my career.”