Posted on March 1, 2012 9:13 am

Brothers and Sisters:

The Canadian Building Trades has launched a petition website and a cross-Canada campaign to stop Bill C-377.

The Bill (officially called amendments to the Income Tax Act) also known as “The Trade Union Regulation Act” will severely and negatively affect labour unions because:

1. It will greatly increase the time, effort and expense to labour unions, their officers and employees to comply with the onerous regulations;

2. The information gleaned from the investigations of union officials and staff, along with data from expanded reporting requirements, to launch a public relations campaign to discredit and weaken unions’ ability to organize on behalf of their membership.

We need to inform and mobilize our membership to let the government know that this Bill is bad for our business, bad for our industry and bad for the economy.

Specifically, Bob Blakely, Canadian Director, Building & Construction Trades Department, is asking us to:

1. Talk about this Bill at your membership meetings. Let your members know that this is happening. We need their help to keep the major oil, gas and energy projects on track. This unnecessary government regulation not only wastes tax dollars, it doesn't solve any problems. There is a one page (black and white) document attached which you can mass produce and distribute at your monthly meetings, on job sites, etc.

2. Distribute the ‘Myths and Facts’ document (attached).

3. Distribute the address of our web portal to your members to send an email to their MP. It takes only a minute, costs them nothing and will be extremely helpful. The address is www.workersbuildcanada.ca.

How to use the web portal -- it’s simple:

  • go to the site www.workersbuildcanada.ca
  • Click on “Email your MP”
  • register (the information is CONFIDENTIAL)
  • check your email inbox; you will find an email asking you to confirm your registration
  • click on the link provided to confirm your registration
  • return to the home page on the website
  • click on ‘email your MP’ again; this will display the text of the letter you are going to send.
  • Scroll down, click ‘send’

A confirmation of the email you sent will arrive into your email inbox.

4. Please consider having your local or council send a cheque to help us fund the campaign. Cheques can be made payable to “Canadian Office Canadian Operations Fund” and forwarded to BCTD Canadian Office, 130 Albert Street, Suite 1902, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5G4.

5. Please make the time to attend our Lobby Day in Ottawa on Tuesday May 15. Call our office in Ottawa (613-236-0653) or email (atesta@buildingtrades.ca), to let us know you if you will be attending so that we will arrange for a meeting with your MP on that day. Rooms are being held at the Westin.