Wayne de Delley, 1943-2020

Posted on December 21, 2020 3:49 pm

Wayne de Delley passed away on December 11, 2020.

Survived by wife Diane, sons Shannon (Prapaijit), Corey, Justin, daughter Tara, granddaughters Harmony, Shealagh, Amelie and great granddaughter Summer.

Predeceased by son Todd and daughter Shirley.

Wayne was born in Brandon, Manitoba and grew up in a large family around Douglas. After marrying Diane, they headed west to make a life for themselves in British Columbia where they fell in love with the scenery. After a brief stop in Vancouver they pulled out a map and found the next biggest dot, turned their VW bug in the direction of Kamloops and made it home for the last 56 years.

Wayne became a journeyman electrician in 1968 and became very involved in the union and politically active for the rights and training of workers.

Wayne was North America’s longest standing Business Manager of The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 993 and recently received his 55-year membership pin. His request was to include the logos of the Union he proudly represented.

When Wayne wasn’t standing up for the rights of the membership, wrangling at the negotiating table or politically advocating he would enjoy the great outdoors. He found his peace exploring the woods for uniqueness’ of nature whether he was fishing or hunting. He will be missed by his best friend and hunting partner, Patrick Dohm.

In keeping a large picture of his grandmother in his den he would always say that the blood of his Cree Grandmother ran through his veins as the love and respect he had for the flora and fauna of the animal kingdom came from her and his First Nation blood.

If the dead could hear (Ecclesiastes 9:5,10) Diane would like to say, “thank you for the wildflower bouquets, heart shaped rocks, and the after-dinner dances.

The family wishes to extend a thank you to all Wayne’s Electrical brothers and sisters for the many phone calls and emails that brought both tears and smiles to Wayne.

A special thanks to Doctor Brink for his care of Wayne and never-failing concern for Diane.

Wayne requested that there be no funeral service.