Last updated: July 2, 2020 at 10:33 am

COVID-19 will be affecting all aspects of our lives, from simple social distancing to complete shut downs on jobs and projects. The only thing we really know now is that we know things can change day to day.

Remember that if you take a call you have made a commitment that affects other people, be it the contractor client or another member please call the hall immediately (24 hours or less) and let dispatch know. Turning back a call days later will incur penalties especially when a member behind you loses out on a job opportunity.

Information only, In no way can any of this information be considered a call for work. All calls will be handled as per call out procedure.

FYI Calls may be Enabled rates or conditions as allowed in Current Agreements check with dispatch “BEFORE” accepting clearance.

We are confident that 2020 will see more work opportunities in the Industrial Markets Despite what is happening in the rest of the world. We will need more Electricians than we have in our ranks by the end of the year and look forward to welcoming Travelers for the first time in many years.


  1. Canada LNG in Kitimat, Fluor had called for it’s initial intake and core group. There will be many more calls over the next few weeks , months and years. Apprentice calls too.
  2. Site “C” Spillways GSS contract let to Aecon/Flatiron joint venture we are doing the Electrical with Houle, Returning to “new Normal”
  3. Site “C Substation, FMI continuing.
  4. Kemano Tunnels project (T2).We are working with our Union partners trying to restore our crew but it’s up to Rio Tinto now.
  5. Kamloops Hospital, Ellis Don has the General Contract, Houle has Electrical.  Working with new contractor and will be starting 2 apprentices next week.
  6. Mills Memorial , we are optimistic that we will get this work. There is a good chance that this will be a camp job.
  7. Allied Infrastructure, Trans Canada 4 lane project, no word on Electrical contractors.
  8. Site “C” Balance Of Plant (BOP)  This is the biggest of the site C contracts and what our end game has been. With this we will have secured 90% plus of all the work at Site “C” Dam. Balance of plant work to begin Summer 2020,  PLA rates, 14/7 fly in fly out.
  9. Site “C” Turbines and Generators, Stand alone PLA with Voith, Start dates TBA in 2020/21 , with the main work scheduled for 2021-24? Waiting for powerhouse construction.
  10. Williston substation, awarding of contract delayed
  11. Trans Mountain Pipeline (TMX) Kamloops to Blue River(5 sub stations), Latest court case rejected.
  12. MICA Creek Houle and FMI on site
  13. Houle Revelstoke Dam