All clearances will be issued from the only dispatch point, Kamloops, BC

  1. Dispatch hours are from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon, Monday through Friday, except calls of an emergency nature.
  2. Local resident members will get first opportunity to work within the 80 kilometer radius of their residency or declared residency. In order for a member to change residency, they must reside in the new area for six months (proof may be required). If we cannot supply a call, we will dispatch from the master list. The master list will be used for all other calls, except C.W.I. calls. There will be a master list for C.W.I. calls.Every unemployed member is entitled to one call for each call that is in, on a seniority basis and if not available will be passed by.
  3. All contractors working in the jurisdiction of IBEW LU 993 will be entitled to name request one journeyman on a one to one basis to the maximum of fourteen journeymen, from the unemployed list. For example one journeyman name request and one journeyman cleared under the normal procedure and so on to a maximum of fourteen journeymen.The two member name request in effect now shall form part of the fourteen journeymen.
  4. All contractors working in the jurisdiction of IBEW LU 993 will be entitled to name request apprentices on a one to one basis from the unemployed list of LU 993. For example one name request from our unemployed list and then one off the unemployed list , cleared under the normal procedure, up to a maximum of fourteen apprentices. The contractor must have a mixture of terms, (example high, medium, low terms on an equal basis) to ensure higher term apprentices get their share of the work.
  5. Members will be called, on a seniority basis, for example – the member with the least amount of days on the unemployed lists will be called first and so on.
  6. When a member commences employment with an employer, in the electrical industry, that member will be removed from the out of work list. When the member is laid off it is the responsibility of the member to register with the dispatch office. The number of days employed from commencement of their employment to registration date will be charged against the member and the member will go back on the list accordingly.For example: if a member is number 10 on the out of work list and goes to work and registers back with the dispatch office 20 days later that member will be charged 20 days and go on the list at number 30.
  7. A member organizing with sanction by the business manager and who is in the possession of a work site organizing clearance will not be removed from the unemployed lists.
  8. A member may register with their dispatch office by phone, in person, or by using the online form. Status changes will not be accepted by phone message or email.
  9. Any contractor found abusing items #3 & #4 (name requests) shall be sufficient cause to cancel any future name requests.
  10. Changes to any dispatch rules are in reference to article xiii, section 7, of the local union bylaws. Any clearance issued by local union 993 may be revoked under the terms of our constitution, bylaws or agreement and any member found violating the dispatch system will be dealt with accordingly.It is understood that the above dispatch rules shall not form part of the Inside Collective Agreement, and is not subject to arbitration.


Note: CWI (international) calls refer to members going to us on visa prearranged through CWI


Last Updated April 20, 2016