B.C. NDP unveil apprenticeship training platform

Posted on April 25, 2013 11:03 am

The B.C. New Democratic Party (NDP) is promising to invest millions of dollars in skills training and the apprenticeship system as the provincial election campaign gets underway, but critics say the plan will only increase the skilled labour shortage.

“I’m confirming today that a B.C. NDP government will improve the affordability of college and university with the practical step of creating a $100 million needs-based, non-repayable grant program for post-secondary and skills training students,” said party leader Adrian Dix.

“We need a new approach to jobs and the economy, with education and skills training at its heart, to give British Columbians ladders of opportunity into a vibrant middle class. That way, we can grow the economy, create jobs and reduce inequality.”

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