Benevolent Fund

Posted on May 25, 2016 8:53 am

Recently we have completed the formation of a Benevolent Fund to help our members out in Sickness or Distress. Members in need will apply to the Benevolent Fund for funds and 5 directors will consider their application. The 5 directors will be members of local 993 and evenly represented throughout our local. At this time we will need to find 5 directors that will be ready and able to attend phone conferences with little notice to determine applications made to the Benevolent Fund.

At this time we would like to collect the names of all members interested in becoming directors. Please notify us of your interest by sending me (Lorne) a short note by email or a text. All names will be collected and discussed at our next Executive Board meeting where a determination on the 5 directors will be made.

Contact Lorne:
Phone: 250-641-4319