Electronic Campaigning

Posted on January 3, 2017 12:58 pm

 These are the proposed IBEW LOCAL 993 GUIDELINES

ON ELECTRONIC CAMPAIGNING they will be voted on at this round of meetings. To Be eligible to vote you must a member in good standing. (Not over 3 months in arrears)


  1. Distribution of Campaign Literature by Email


  1. The Local Union will, at the request of a candidate for local union office, distribute by electronic means campaign literature to local union members, subject to the conditions stated herein.


  1. Requests to distribute campaign literature by electronic means should be submitted in writing to the election judge, once an election judge is chosen, or to the Executive Board, if the request is made before an election judge is chosen.


  1. Campaign literature will be distributed by electronic means only during the two-month period prior to the local union election. Distribution will be limited to contacts already in Local Union records.


  1. No more than three electronic distributions will be sent on behalf of any single candidate, starting one week after nominations close and no more than one per week Monday to Friday.


  1. The Local Union will distribute single page PDF or scanned document. Document will be sent to candidate first and who’s approval will be sent back to hall, once approval is received document will be sent out. Subject line will only say in capital letters. “IBEW 993 ELECTION”


  1. Documents will be sent to the most current email addresses in the possession of the Local Union. The Local Union cannot guarantee the accuracy of those addresses or compel local union members to provide current email addresses.


  1. Email addresses in the possession of the Local Union will not be disclosed to, or copied for, individual candidates.


  1. Candidates requesting the distribution of campaign literature by email will pay any expenses associated with that distribution, and no further distributions by email will be made on behalf of any candidate who refuses or fails to pay those expenses. Election Judge will give final decision on rates.


  1. These rules do not preclude candidates from requesting distribution of campaign literature by conventional mail.


  1. Campaign Literature on the Local Union Website and any social media Page controlled by the Local Union


  1. The Local Union will not honor requests to post campaign literature or other campaign materials on its website or its any social media Page controlled by the Local Union


  1. Other Websites


  1. No rule prohibits candidates for local union office from creating their own websites or from communicating with members by other electronic means.


  1. A candidate’s website or social media page should be clearly identified as the website or social media page of the candidate and not as the website or page of the local union.


  1. The IBEW logo is an asset of the IBEW and a registered trademark. It should not be displayed on any candidate’s website or social media page or on any candidate’s campaign literature or materials.