IBEW 993 Frequently Asked Questions



Term Wage % of JW Hours
1st Term 55% 0-900
2nd Term 60% 901-1800
3rd Term 65% 1801-2700
4th Term 70% 2701-3600
5th Term 75% 3601-4500
6th Term 80% 4501-5400
7th Term 85% 5401-6300
8th Term 90% 6301-7200

Apprenticeship, Hours
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No. As per the Collective Agreements, all calls are based on a 40 hour work week. Any other shift duration listed can be changed at the contractor’s discretion without notice either according to a PLA or standard agreement. Calls may specify expected shifts but scheduling, material, weather delays, etc. may cause you not to get full expected shifts or hours worked within pay period.

* However, the two day rule still applies during the 40 hour period.

Grievance, Hours, Shift
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