Mark Wojdanski donating to IBEW Women’s Committee Comfort Cases

Posted on August 12, 2019 4:09 pm

A huge thank you to Mark Wojdanski for his donation to the Comfort Cases that the IBEW LU 993 Women's Committee are creating. IBEW Women's Committee is looking for assistance to build 50 Comfort Cases, to be given to the Sexual Assult units in 6 communities within IBEW 993's Jurisdiction that are located near major projects. The Comfort Cases will be delivered on International Women's Day 2020.  History shows when major projects are developed near communities spin-off jobs and transient populations appear, and there are increases in crime rates and sexual assaults. IBEW 993 has three major projects on the cusp of commencing. The communities where the Comfort Packs will be distributed are Kitimat, Terrace, Prince Rupert, Smithers, Ft St John, and Kamloops.

The Comfort Pack is comprised of a new set of clothing for survivors whose clothes may be torn, dirty, or taken away for evidence – and on an emotional level, survivors generally don’t want to remain in the clothes they were wearing at the time of their assault. Other items to be added to Comfort Packs will be personal hygiene items.

If you are able to contribute either financially or by providing any number of the items on the list below please contact Mollie Routledge 1-778-470-5657 ( or Angeline Camille (

If you are donating please get a quick photo of you donating items as we would like to create a collage of contributors. Please email to Please note in subject line Comfort Packs

Thank you for taking the time to consider assisting the IBEW 993 Women’s Committee to build the Comfort Cases.

Comfort Pack Items

The items below show the total quantity of each item needed to assemble the 50 Comfort Cases any item or amount donated will be greatly appreciated.

Pillow Case (50) (to package all items in)

Makeup Case (50) (to put personal hygiene items in)

Shampoo (50 Single use)

Conditioner (50 Single use)

Bar soap (50 Single use)

Feminine Protection (50 Pads and 50 Tampons)

Tooth Paste (50 Travel size)

Tooth Brush (50 Soft/Med)

Hair Brush (50)

Comb (50)

Hair Elastics (50)

Jogging Pants  (Number of and Sizes 16 - XXL, 16 - XL, 16 - L, 8 - M, 8 – SM)

T-shirts                        (Number of and Sizes 16 - XXL, 16 - XL, 16 - L, 8 - M, 8 – SM)

Socks                           (Number of and Sizes 16 - XXL, 16 - XL, 16 - L, 8 - M, 8 – SM)

Daag or Canvas shoes (Number of and Sizes 16 - XXL, 16 - XL, 16 - L, 8 - M, 8 – SM)

Bra (Sports)                 (Number of and Sizes 16 - XXL, 16 - XL, 16 - L, 8 - M, 8 – SM)

Underwear                  (Number of and Sizes 16 - XXL, 16 - XL, 16 - L, 8 - M, 8 – SM)