What does it mean to Zero Out the Unemployed List?

At the beginning of a new year the unemployed lists are renumbered, maintaining everyone’s position. You position on the unemployed list will not change because of a zero out.

Immediately after a zero out, your position on the Master Unemployed List and your days worked number will be exactly the same.

The process of zeroing out the unemployed list is done to ensure fairness over time for all members.

Example list before a Zero Out:

Position Days Worked Number Name
1 2 Sparky Jones
2 5 Carrie Cable
3 37 Arnie Amps
4 84 Marty Member
5 103 Cable Pohl
6 285 Connie Duette

Example of the same last after a Zero Out:

Position Days Worked Number Name
1 1 Sparky Jones
2 2 Carrie Cable
3 3 Arnie Amps
4 4 Marty Member
5 5 Cable Pohl
6 6 Connie Duette

Notice that all positions have been maintained and no one has been moved up or down the list. Only the Days Worked numbers have changed.

Unemployed List
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