What should I do when I’m going to school?

If you’re an apprentice that’s currently working and you will be attending school, the contractor that you’re working for will give you a layoff to attend school.

You must call the dispatch office to put your name on the out of work list.

If you don’t call the dispatch office when you’re laid off, all of those days in school will be counted as days worked and that will effect your position on the out of work list. If the contractor doesn’t have work for you when you’re finished school, you will be further down the out of work list than you should be.

If the contractor that you were working for when you were laid off to go to school has work for you when you’ve completed school, they can issue a Dispatch Request for you stating that you are returning from school. The dispatch office will issue a Return From School clearance and you can go right back to work. To initiate the Return From School procedure, please let the dispatcher know that you’d like to go back and we will contact the contractor.

You cannot go back to work until the Return From School clearance has been sent.

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