Winter Code Course – 2018 FSR- Electrical Code Course

January 13th to February 10th Schedule Saturdays and Sundays – 52 hours inclusive: 8 X 6 hour classes. (8:30-3:00), plus a 4 hour Final Exam Class Starting January – 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28 February 3, 4 February 10 – Course Final Exam class (A or B-FSR mock exam) Location North Shore Community Centre … Read more

Code Refresher Course As Seen From Prince George

With such a large jurisdiction we have members all over the province and across the country. By using the newly implemented remote learning methods, we can have local and remote students learning and participating in the same course. Benefits: Smaller groups to participate from any of our Centres of Excellence or even from their own … Read more