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Name Requests


If a job is posted as filled it’s usually because it was a name request, an apprentice returning from school, etc.

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What is a name request?
A name request is when a contractor requests a specific person regardless of where they are on the out of work list.

From the IBEW 993 Dispatch Rules:
All contractors working in the jurisdiction of IBEW LU 993 will be entitled to name request one journeyman on a one to one basis to the maximum of fourteen journeymen, from the unemployed list. For example: one jouneyman name request and one journeyman cleared under the normal procedure and so on to a maximum of fourteen journeymen.

From Our Agreement: Article IV Section 402 (Last paragraph)
An Employer shall be allowed to send one (1) “A” Foreman and one “B” Foreman per project site into the geographic jurisdiction of other locals within the Province.



Out of Jurisdiction Signatory Contractor
One of our signatory contractors based outside of our jurisdiction obtains work within our jurisdiction and sends a name request for their “A” Foreman that is a current employee and member of another local. At this time, they cannot request their second out of jurisdiction “B” foreman because there aren’t enough people on the job site to warrant a “B” foreman. See Article IV Section 402 for an example of job build up numbers and positions.

Calls would be one off the list and one name request until there were 14 journeymen on the job. Further calls would then be all off the list.

Local Shop
A local shop may have a 50/50 name request ratio up to a total of 14 journeymen, which is a total of 7 name requests.
If a shop employs 6 journeymen, then only 3 of them should be name requests.
The name request ratio can get out of sync due to normal business operations with layoffs, people quiting, etc. If the number of name requests is less than 7 but there are less list requests than name requests, then all requests must be off the list until the ratio is restored.

Dispatch, Name Requests
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No. There is a maximum number of name requests that a contractor can have, based on the number of people currently on site.

See “How do name requests work?” for more information.

Dispatch, Name Requests
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