What is a Travel Card

This is something that’s very poorly named.

You do not need a Travel Card to work in another local’s jurisdiction.

With a Travel Card, you are becoming a member of another local. You would do this if you’ve permanently moved to within the receiving local’s jurisdiction.

A better name for a Travel Card would be Transfer Card because you’re transferring to another local and becoming a member of that local.

When you request a Travel Card from your current local, you will need to have your dues paid 3 months months in advance to cover the period of time that it will take to process.

If you are a member of 993 and you drop a Travel Card into another local and you’re accepted, you will no longer be a member of 993. You will be a member of the local where you submitted your Travel Card.

To have your Travel Card accepted by 993, you will need to have lived in our jurisdiction for 1 year.

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