Posted by Susan V on April 25, 2017

Come join the IBEW LU 993 37th annual golf tournament on June 10, 2017 to be held at Mt. Paul Golf Course in Kamloops




$1000.00 “HOLE IN ONE” PRIZE!!



Phone: 250-376-8755 or E-mail:


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Posted by Darryl on April 24, 2017

The B.C. Coalition for Safety Before Profits and its members have launched an online campaign to tell Kinder Morgan to keep their promise to British Columbians – and that is a promise to put SAFETY BEFORE PROFITS.

In response to a growing community of British Columbians who are concerned about Kinder Morgan’s level of commitment to safety, rigorous training for their workers, and upholding B.C.’s Five Conditions, the B.C. Coalition for Safety Before Profits was formed.

Founding coalition members include the International Union of Operating Engineers, the Labourer’s International Union of North America, United Association Canada (Canadian Piping Trades), and Teamsters Canada. Collectively, these members have safely built nearly every pipeline in Canada. Why then, would Kinder Morgan rely on anyone other than the most experienced workers to build their TransMountain Expansion pipeline? Join B.C.’s skilled, unionized pipeline workers in telling Kinder Morgan to keep their promise to B.C.!

How Can You Help?

You can help by signing up for the Thunderclap Campaign so you Tweet and/or Post to Facebook all at once along with all the other supporters. It involves very little effort on your part, just a few clicks of your mouse or taps on your phone. Sign up here:

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Posted by Darryl on April 19, 2017

On April 7-8-9 IBEW local 993 attended the Fort St John Trade Show that had over 13,000 people attend and over 300 booths…including 5 inflatable attractions for the kids, all indoors.

There is a lot of economic development going on in the Peace Region so IBEW local 993 is developing  a stronger presence there.  The Pomeroy Sports Centre is a  great facility with 2 ice rinks, a speed skating loop on the second floor, and a running track on the third floor. I could really use some help at this show next year so if any members can attend for a few hours next year let me know.  I’ll post it when we register for next years show to give some notice to members.

They now make cars for children to young to handle the wheel on their own.  Parent walking behind has the remote control!!  (Pic 2 of an infant cruising past our booth in their “Beamer”!)  Runs on electricity of course.  Tesla Motors also sold 1.7 million electric cars for grown ups this year so if you think the world has been changing quickly the last 10 years you ain’t seen nothing yet!  Most of these will require an electrical service upgrade in homes for the fast chargers too.

Pic 3, winner of our raffle for a Snap Circuit Pro kit was Sky Hunter of Wonowon, BC. That will be shipped this week.

My plan was to engage the Prince George Region as well this year, however, as I am quickly learning there is only so much one person can do!  If you would like to help lobby please contact me at 250-354-2750 or  or find and contact the NDP office and candidate in your electoral region for the upcoming election.

I also had a chance to talk to the FSJ Mayor about Site C, mandatory trade certifications in the region, and the TFW program.  More meetings to follow.  First Pic is with Rob Dempsey, NDP candidate for the Peace River North region.

The NDP is the only party that is committed to removing big money from politics.  There are many other important issues of course, but as long as our government is for sale to big business our government services will continue to be privatized for profit.  Removing big money from politics is the first step towards achieving a government “of the people, for the people” and few other changes will happen until big money is removed and the ability to buy elections is gone.

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Posted by Darryl on April 18, 2017

On April 3rd IBEW local 993 attended the ground breaking ceremony at the Site C dam project in Fort Saint John with the BC Building trades and Paul Strangway from the CLRA. BC Hydro representative, Dave Conway, facilitated the site tour.

This marks the beginning of mobilization of Voith Hydro at the project. Voith will be building a manufacturing facility to build the draft tubes, runners, and generators onsite with B.C. Building Trades. The manufacturing process will use both conventional and robotic welding techniques, cutting edge electrical technology and create 400 person years of work. A 5 KM conveyor will also be constructed to facilitate the main structure with impervious core, gravel, and surface rock materials. Construction of temporary power lines and batch plant are ongoing.

Voith CEO, Bill Malus, attended explaining that with the companies 150 years experience the 6 generators and turbines will be engineered and built by the best of the best in the trades and will serve Canadians for generations to come.

The project will further aid the reduction of our reliance on coal and fossil fuels in Canada.

Minister of Education, Mike Bernier, also attended stating that of the 2000 workers onsite 81% are BC workers. This phase of the project is expected to increase local hires as well.

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Posted by Darryl on April 11, 2017

We pause every April 28th to remember workers killed and those who still suffer from a work-related injury or illness, their lives and livelihoods forever compromised.
But we can never pause our prevention efforts.
Every day of the year

  • Educate others about health and safety rights, responsibilities and prevention measures.
  • Insist on effective workplace prevention programs developed with full worker participation.
  • Insist on training that supports the identification, assessment and control of workplace hazards.
  • Encourage local media to report on health, safety and environmental issues.
  • Press elected officials to support stronger regulations and better enforcement of existing laws.
  • Create monuments to promote public awareness of workplace health and safety.

Make time for prevention

  • Demand high quality training that promotes a hazard-based approach.
  • Become a workplace health & safety representative.
  • Identify and report workplace hazards.

Take time to remember:

  • Attend a Day of Mourning ceremony in your community. Encourage others to attend an event. (EVENTS)
  • Draft a message for your organization’s publication or website.
  • Coordinate a Day of Mourning event in your workplace.  (SUGGESTIONS)
  • Work with local media to promote and cover the Day’s significance and events.
  • Convince employers and public institutions to, among other things, lower flags to half-mast.
  • Share stories of workers injured and killed on the job – ensure they are not forgotten.
  • Read about the history of the Day of Mourning.  (HISTORY)
  • Download the BCFED OH&S Centre DOM Poster.  (POSTER)
  • Learn about the Day of Mourning in Schools Project.  (SCHOOLS PROJECT)


All ceremonies will take place on Friday April 28th

Prince George
12:00 pm
Worker’s memorial Statue
Patricia Boulevard and Queensway St.

10:45 am
Worker’s Memorial
Terrace Sportsplex
3320 Kalum St.

6:00 pm
St. Andrews on the Square
(corner of 2nd and Seymour)

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Posted by Darryl on April 10, 2017

IBEW local 993 attended the Mcleod Lake Band job fair in Mackenzie March 9. We donated a tool kit for a raffle prize. It was a good show and coincided with my travels from Fort St John. A very diverse community. Made some good contacts with BC Hydro, Community Futures, and local First Nations members.

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Posted by Darryl on April 10, 2017

March 23 IBEW local 993 attended the Friends of First Nations job fair in Prince George. We attend these job fairs for 3 reasons. 1 – They are very cost effective compared to many of the larger events. 2 – It allows us to talk directly with members of the community about the challenges they face, the destructive effect the non-union sector has on the local economy and workforce, and how the IBEW can help. 3 – This is also where non-union contractors go to hire workers and we need more signatory contractors so it allows me to introduce the IBEW to them as well. We also met with PGNAETA and we are creating a Solar initiative with them.

This event was during Spring Break so one of my daughters came on the 3 day trek (20 hrs in the truck!) with me and was a great help. (Notice how neat and tidy our display table is!) She also won the raffle prize donated by Employment Action and we will be co-rdinating with them in the future. They offer programs similar to our FLL program so working with them will help secure work and quality leadership in the Prince George region.

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Posted by Darryl on April 10, 2017

IBEW held membership development training Feb 20 & 21st. Very good course attended by IBEW Reps across Western Canada. Local 993 sent Brothers Mike van Hellemond and Doug McDonald. Winter School is an annual IBEW training event held in Victoria and has a different focus each year. If any IBEW local 993 members are interested in attending they should contact our office a couple months before the event (mid December) so required approvals and travel arrangements can be made.

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Posted by Darryl on April 5, 2017

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Posted by Darryl on April 4, 2017

The Women In Trades Awards/Bursaries Program was created to recognize women who are members of the Canadian Building Trades, and to bring awareness of employment opportunities for women in the skilled trades.

This annual awards/bursaries program provides 3 recipients each with $1,500, for a total of $4,500 in awards:

  • 1 award of $1,500 to any woman Journeyman who is part of the Building Trades Union
  • 2 bursaries of $1,500 each, to be given to 2 apprentice women who are members of the BT Unions. Any 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th year apprentice

Who is Eligible?
Canadian women in trades (member of the Building Trades Unions) who demonstrate integrity, excellence, and leadership within the Maintenance/Construction trades industry.
Candidates who qualify will possess all of the below points:

  • Membership with a Union under the Building Trades
  • Integrity and Leadership within the industry
  • Excellence in their trade
  • Practice workplace safety
  • 1st/2nd/3rd/4th /5th year Apprentice
  • Journeyman status
  • Maximum of 50 applications to be received per year
  • If applying for the Apprentice Bursary, the applicant must not have received the “ACTIMS Women In Trades Award” in the past to be eligible

Applicants must complete the application form in entirety with attachments and mail or email to the ACTIMS office between the dates of February 1st through till April 30th.

Write Up:

The applicant must write a paper describing that they possess or demonstrate the below points:

  • Integrity within the industry
  • Leadership in the workforce
  • Excellence in their trade
  • Practice workplace safety

The write up must be signed off by their employer stating the information to be true in nature.

Reference Letter:

The applicant must provide a signed off reference letter from their current, or most recent, employer.

How To Apply:
To be eligible, applications and supporting documents must be received no later than April 30th.
Completed application package must contain:

  • Fully completed application form
  • Letter of recommendation from current, or most recent, employer
  • Copy of JM tickets or Apprentice Blue Book

Winning applicants will be contacted by the ACTIMS office between June 25th – July 5th

4 Ways to Apply:

Online Application:
You can apply online by filling the following form: Online Application Form
Please put attention to “ACTIMS Women in Trades Awards/Bursaries Program”

By Email
Complete the application form
Email completed application and supporting documents to:
In the subject title line, please put “ACTIMS Women in Trades Awards/Bursaries Program”

By Fax
Complete the application form
Fax completed application and supporting documents to: 403-254-4346
Please put attention to “ACTIMS Women in Trades Awards/Bursaries Program”

By Mail
Complete the application form
Mail completed application and supporting documents to:

ACTIMS Women in Trades Awards/Bursaries Program
P.O. Box 76182
Calgary, Alberta, T2Y 2Z9

ACTIMS Women in Trades Application Form
ACTIMS Women In Trades Program

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